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classics series drums


In our current music scene, one of today’s most popular buzzwords seems to be “vintage.” Everyone seems to wants to capture the nostalgic tones and sounds of the mid-20th century. For drummers, finding a used set of drums that stood the test of time can be a challenge. DW Classics offers a solution that may be even better than the real thing. With a specially-configured Poplar-Mahogany shell with 6-ply Maple reinforcement hoops and a newly-designed “butter” bearing edge, DW Classics provide players with a true vintage sound in a modern custom-drum package. Offered in any Collector’s Series FinishPly and customizable with factory-installed options such as retro bass drum T-rods, 7771 bass drum-mounted cymbal arm and 770 rail mount, DW Classics give players a true authentic American drum sound.
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Poplar and Mahogany Shells
Classic "Vintage" Sound


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