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Design Series® Shells Features And Options

John Good and the DW Custom Shell Shop in California bring you HVLT™, the same technology that is standard on our latest Collector’s Series® Cherry drums. HVLT grain orientation and slightly thicker 1/32” plies of North American maple are a potent combination that delivers a full tonal spectrum, attack, punch, and sonic versatility. Design Series® shells are tailored for just about every style of music. ▼

Design Series® 8" toms feature a 7-ply HVLT construction, while the snares feature 10-ply HVX, and the 10"-18", along with all bass drums, feature 8-ply HVLT construction (click here to view image).


Our Latest Shell Technology


Design Series® Size Chart


Three UV-cured Lacquers and FinishPly™


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