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DW Lifts Small Bass Drums, Floor Toms and Hand Percussion to New Heights

Drum Workshop continues its commitment to innovation with the introduction of the new, versatile, 9909 Bass Drum Lifter. The Lifter features a “spider-like” design with telescoping legs that accommodate smaller bass drums, floor toms, djembes, congas or other odd-shaped percussion items. Because its legs swivel and telescope independently, the Lifter can conform to various shapes and sizes, making it perfect for experimenting with alternate set-ups.

DW President Don Lombardi comments, “The Lifter is ideal for drummers who have always wanted to convert their floor toms into bass drums for around-town gigs or for those who like to experiment with alternate drumset sounds. Anything that can be struck with a pedal presents new sound possibilities for the kit. The best part is that it’s fairly lightweight and can be easily be folded away to fit into just about any trap case.”

The 9909 Lifter is part of the complete line of 9000 hardware available at authorized DW Hardware dealers.

For further information, contact your local DW dealer or Drum Workshop, Inc.

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