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collector's series specialty snares


Collector’s Series® Exotic Monogram™ snare drums are hand-crafted at the DW Custom Shop in California and feature 11-ply North American Hard Rock Maple shells with exclusive HVLT technology and laser-cut, exotic wood vintage shield inlays. Choose from two distinct African Bubinga and Birdseye Maple themes, Natural Gloss Lacquer or hand-rubbed Natural Satin finish, 5 available drum hardware colors and a variety of popular sizes. Each drum is also outfitted with a MAG Throw-Off™, 3P (3 position butt plate), True-Tone® Snare Wires, True-Hoops™ and DW Heads by Remo U.S.A. Heavy-duty snare bag and John Good-signed certificate of authenticity also included.

Availability: 5x14", 5.5x14", 6x14", 6.5x14" & 7x14"


Concrete drums are perfectly suited for both live and studio applications and provide a decidedly different tonal quality than either wood or metal. The thin, cast 5.5mm shell includes a standard 45 degree cut bearing edge and snare beds. "This drum is a completely different animal. Our goal is to outfit drummers with as many sounds as possible, so this one definitely fits the bill. At first, we were surprised at the dry, focused sound, but, man, does it have volume! It’s a shotgun!" -John Good

Availability: 5.5x14", 6.5x14"


The patented DW EDGE® offers a sound that no other snare drum can equal. A mixture of metal alloy with either a 10-ply or solid maple center, it gives drummers plenty of versatility for a multitude of playing situations. Cork it up for R&B and Hip Hop, or tune it low for Rock or studio recordings. The DW EDGE® is the best of metal and wood in one drum. Metal DW EDGE® rings are available in chrome or gold only, but lugs and other drum hardware can be mixed and matched for a unique, personalized look. The DW EDGE® center can also be finished in any Custom Shop finish. (U.S. Patent #5377576.) (Edge rings available in Chrome & Gold in 13" and 14")

Availability: 5x13", 6x13", 7x13", 5x14", 6x14", 7x14"


For years, drummers have coveted the patented Collector's Series® DW Edge® snare drum for its hybrid sonic qualities.  It consistently delivers the best of metal and wood shell tonal spectrums combined with maximum volume and attack.  Enter the all-new Reverse Edge™.  This John Good-designed beauty is composed of a black shadow-coated cast aluminum center and a choice of Walnut or Maple wood top and bottom rings.  The 14" diameter snares come in 6" and 7" depths and are fitted with MAG Throw-Off™ Systems with 3P (3 position butt-plates), True-Pitch50™ Tuning, True-Tone Snare Wires, True-Hoops, and heads by Remo USA.  Their sound is decidedly warm and fat, making them the perfect backbeat snares.

Availability: 6x14", 7x14"


An offshoot of our patented DW EDGE® metal-wood snare. The Top DW EDGE® features an alloy top ring with X-shell bottom. Available in all Custom Shop finishes and options. The sound is big, responsive and articulate. (Edge rings available in Chrome & Gold in 13" and 14")

Availability: 5x13", 6x13", 7x13", 5x14", 6x14", 7x14"


This specialty snare drum is designed to offer volume, attack and a bit more warmth than a standard Edge drum (U.S. Patent #5377576). It features a heavy-gauge cast brass ring press-fit on top of any 10-ply Custom Shop Pure Wood shell. The result is a snare drum with enhanced bite, combined with a more "woodsy" timbre. Other standard features include 3.0 True Hoops, True Pitch Tuning, MAG Throw-Off System with 3P butt plate and DW Heads by Remo USA. Offered in all DW Custom Shop finishes. (Edge rings available in Chrome & Gold in 13" and 14" diameters)

Availability: 5x13", 6x13", 7x13", 5x14", 6x14", 7x14"



The True-Sonic™ snare gives a nod to the past and a look to the future with its chrome-over-brass beaded shell and familiar-looking Snare Bridge™. The cast metal Snare Bridge™ is an adjustable, pre-tensioned snare wire system that allows the strands to evenly lift against the surface of the snare head to provide added sensitivity and concert snare-like performance. The True-Sonic® boasts a 1mm rolled brass shell that is outfitted with custom integrated snare beds, MAG throw-off® system, True-Pitch® tuning, True Tone® snare wires, 3.0 steel True Hoops®, and DW Heads™ by Remo USA®. The 5x14" drum comes standard with chrome hardware and is the perfect addition to any snare arsenal.

Availability: 5x14"



Following the launch of the chrome-over-brass True-Sonic snare, DW artists were curious about the idea of a wood version featuring DW’s patented Snare Bridge™. The result of such experimentation has produced two exceptional snare drums. The Pure Maple True-Sonic (DRSO0514SSC-TX) is a 5x14” 11-ply VLT shell with an understated natural Satin Oil finish and chrome hardware. Its cousin, the aptly-named Super-Sonic (DRSO5514SPC-TX), features a 5.5x14” Maple Super Solid™ shell, also in natural Satin Oil with chrome hardware. Both drums offer a dry, ultra- sensitive snare sound and a throaty backbeat.


Rounding out the all-wood True-Sonic™ lineup is the Super-Sonic Edge™. The 7”x14” drum is crafted with Super Solid™ advanced wood manufacturing technology and features maple edges with a cherry center that is machined with integrated reinforcement hoops to a thickness of ½”. As is the case with other Ture-Sonic snares, the drum is cut with a complementary low-profile snare bed to enable the pre-tensioned Snare Bridge™ to make full contact with the snare side head to provide a dry, sensitive tonality. At loud volumes, the drum also packs a loud punch and can be used for rock backbeats and organic studio textures. Available in natural, hand-rubbed Satin Oil and outfitted with Chrome Hardware.


Designed in conjunction with Randall May, the patented Acoustic EQ snare drum is several drums in one. The secret is a venting system that allows drummers to select the exact amount of air leaving the drum via an internal slide valve. Not only does the EQ’s venting system drastically affect the sound, but also it’s feel and response. The drum features our Collector’s 10 + 6 maple shell configuration and can be ordered in any Custom Shop Satin Oil finish and drum hardware color option.

Watch this video feat. Stephen Perkins & Randy May

Availability: 6x14"


The Ballad snare is a 10x16" snare drum on legs. It’s an auxiliary snare designed to give drummers low-end punch for slow ballads and heavy backbeat applications. Made using our VLT (Vertical Low Timbre) shell technology and outfitted with a special deep snare bed, it might be one of the most original specialty snares on the market today. It can be custom ordered in any Custom Shop finish and drum hardware color combination.

Availability: 10x16"

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